It was a gorgeous April weekend and we were thrilled to be a part of the first bat mitzvah celebration we had seen in over a year!  We worked diligently with the family and our team to ensure that everyone who was working or visiting was socially distanced, tested, or quarantined so that everyone could feel safe and joyful at the same time.  

Our team is looking forward to a lot of outdoor events in the near future as we slowly come out of the global pandemic.  As we continue to adjust, we expect to put forth event plans and designs that consider local and national restrictions (even as they change monthly and weekly!), and the safety our team, our colleagues and vendors, and of course, our clients and their guests.  

We were so happy to plan this safe and distanced bat mitzvah celebration at our client’s home.  With a gorgeous yard as our foundation, we designed a “stop by” celebration with a rustic floral theme that was punctuated by distanced photos taken at the custom flower photo wall (Andrea and Floribunda strike again!), seating areas that were strategically placed 6′ apart, custom signage so everyone was on the same page, cupcakes and swag bags for the guests as they came and went during their designated time slots, and then a small family dinner (all were vaccinated or had quarantined 😊) in a glorious tent to cap off this incredibly special day.  A 5 course Italian dinner, catered by Carrie Dove Catering, under a candlelit chandelier made it feel like they were miles away.  Mazel Tov to the bat mitzvah young lady and her family!  




Special thanks to the Rosecrest team and all of our colleague friends and vendors who helped to make it all happen.

  • Floral design & custom flower wall: Floribunda and Fleurishca
  • Rentals & Tenting: Bright Event Rentals
  • Catering: Carrie Dove Catering & Events
  • RSE Team: Andrea Muchin & Melanie Marcus
  • Specialty Decor:  Rosecrest team 
  • Photography: Amelia Plumb Photography
  • Signage:  Fleming’s Printed Affair
  • Cupcakes:  Angel Cakes