We miss you.

We hope that this post finds you and your family staying safe and healthy.  We know that these are incredibly difficult and challenging times, on so many levels.   We have been keeping our physical distance (but trying to stay social on Zoom and by picking up the phone) and wearing masks, listening and learning about the systemic, racial inequity in our country, and striving to do better.  We also really miss parties.  We miss hearing about your upcoming reason to have a celebration, planning and designing the details with you, and then having that “moment” when it all comes together – the WOW and then the unfolding of happiness, and wonder, and celebrating together.  We miss you.   

Rethink Your Celebrations.

While the uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic is likely to continue for some time, we know that your special birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, successes and life’s myriad of reasons to connect with our loved ones will also continue.  With that in mind, we believe it is time to rethink your celebrations.  Let us help you design your dream table, deluxe room transformation, or outdoor oasis to honor those special moments with your closest family members in a safe environment. 

With all of our safety in mind, we are following all State and County Covid-19 guidelines [and wearing masks!].   But even with restrictions, we believe we can create luxurious events on a smaller scale with the same incredible attention to design, elegance, comfort and meaningful memories.  We ask that any and all events be restricted to immediate family and/or your safe social cohort.  As we’ve learned through many days on Zoom, the sky is the limit for your guest count if your event is virtual; we can assist you with finding the very best vendors and technology to ensure a successful remote event as well. 

Your Special Moments are Still Happening.

With years of custom design and planning expertise, we can help you plan and celebrate a small scale, safe, memorable event.   Celebrations could include: Anniversary Dinner, Milestone Birthday Party, Family Game Night & Dance Party, Engagement Announcement, or Just Because.    Imagine a family dance party with a live streaming DJ,  virtual private concert with an Americana artist, playing “Family Feud” with a remote Master of Ceremonies, or enjoying a romantic gourmet dinner in a totally transformed space.   

Our Event Planning & Design Model.

Our guiding  principles of transforming spaces, adding beautiful, personal touches, partnering with the best caterers, and turning a client’s vision into a “wow” moment are needed now more than ever.  We have the ability to identify the areas in your home or backyard for maximum entertaining impact [new table and chairs for the night!  outdoor lighting and furniture with a fire pit?  we can make it happen!].   With our connections to the very best vendors in the industry, we can produce almost any transformation for you via physical distance with professionally planned and designed results.  We look forward to being a part of your next celebration.


Our Small & Virtual Planning Packages.

Premium Package includes:
  • Initial consultation; discuss your vision for event 
  • Review 4-6 photos of your event space (dining room, backyard, etc.), include measurements of your table/room/outdoor space
  • Virtual meeting where we provide 2 decor options for event via Inspiration Board: linens, tableware, floral, furniture, decorations, signage and estimates for all options 
  • Connect you with 2 caterers and 2 music (or other entertainment) options 
  • Instructions for: rental and decor deliveries; how to set up, how to return rented items (floral/vases/candles all for client to keep)
  • Client chooses from 2 options presented (or mix of the 2); no changes; no menu planning
  • Planning & design fee (does not include cost of rentals, catering, entertainment, decor, etc.); 12 hours max – call our team for pricing.
Deluxe Package includes:
  • All planning services in Premium Package, plus:
  • CAD layout detailing placement of rental items
  • 1 overall change to decor option (e.g., adding more modern furniture to rustic presentation; or change in color theme; or redesign of floral vision).
  • Planning & design fee (does not include cost of rentals, catering, entertainment, decor, etc.).  14 hours max  – call our team for pricing.
Customized add-ons:
  • 1 hour Virtual Tour of your home and property
  • Changes to Decor Options presented – fee per option changes (color scheme, rental furniture changes, decor schemes – e.g., balloons change to signage; overhead string lighting changes to tent and chandelier)
  • Menu planning (includes meal suggestions, parings, and consultation with caterer
  • Custom design of decor, signage, decorative and keepsake items (pillows, napkins, etc.)