We didn’t think the themes were going to get any better than last month’s “The Simpsons” bar mitzvah, and then “The Office” came along and did what it always did to its ardent fans – brought smiles to everyone’s faces!  We took the really cool 1544 Events space on Broadway in Oakland, and turned it into a display of “The Office” quips, characters, and pranks.  Details included personalized cookie favors with iconic sayings, character cutouts floating above reams of colored paper, Dundie awards for the taking, staplers hidden in jello (high-five, Carrie Dove Catering!), napkins folded into a tie, and Pam casting her glance far and wide at the reception desk.  See what other epic details from the show you can find below.  And Mazel Tov to Jonah, who brought us this fantastic inspiration for a party!

Special thanks to our Team and Strategic Partners:

  • 1544 Events, Broadway, Oakland
  • Carrie Dove Catering
  • Jordan River Productions
  • Standard Party Rentals
  • Wendy Gardner Custom Baking
  • Andrea Kelly Graphic Design
  • Balloon Thrills
  • Andrea Muchin – Floribunda
  • Jeff Cable Photography