We are very lucky to do what we love.  And when you get to design a birthday party for friends who you love, well, it’s just a lot of gratefulness, and fun, and love all over the place.  This fabulous couple turned 50 within days of each other, and wanted a fun 80’s themed party to celebrate their milestone.  70 friends and family gathered at Oakland’s cool spot, 1544 Events, and danced the night away.  We custom designed everything – color coded mixtapes, boom box cocktail napkins, Funyuns and Bugels for snacks, Pacman and Donkey Kong to play all night long, and a great 80’s playlist from DJ, Mike Bowns.  And 1544 sourced the critical beverage of the night – Bartles & James wine coolers!  For those of you who remember the 80’s, it was a night of pink tutus, mullets, and wine coolers (it should be noted that Spicoli and Rick Springfield were also spotted at this epic party!)!   Here is our take on the all-out 80s themed dance party!

The clean slate we started with:

Our transformation!

Special thanks to all of the vendors who helped make the night a success!