We spent a lot of time in 2016 helping clients plan their Milestone 50th Birthday parties – and we enjoyed every single minute. It must have been destiny that my 50th birthday would finish out the year, so here is RSE’s twist on the 39+11 celebration. What we learned during the Year of the 50th:

  • There is no pressure for this event – pure fun is mandatory!
  • Music – whether it’s live (always our preference) or a DJ (and we know the best ones out there), you want tunes going from the very start to late finish.  For the 39+11 celebration, I was lucky enough to have 3 artists join us (special thanks to J. Klein Artist Management!  http://jkleintalent.com):  Kelly McFarling started us off with her folk-rooted, country influenced, all-her-own foot stomping fun, followed by special guest Michelle Lewis and her gorgeous songs (yes, “Caroline” is totally sad, but it’s a scene stealer every time), and then Tom Rhodes closed the night by raising the roof – seriously!  Phenomenal music the whole night through!
  • Food – by age 50, you know exactly what you like, so have that! The trend we’ve seen has been easy, comfort food, and sliders and fries take the first place prize.
  • Beverages – no brainer folks, you need a full bar for this one.
  • Venue – make it easy on yourself – outsource your venue, so all you have to do is show up, and no clean up at the end!
  • Planning it – outsource this, too – i.e., hire a planner! You won’t regret it for a minute.

Special thanks to our vendors and AMAZING musicians!

Here’s to celebrating all of your milestones with great friends, live music, and good cheer!