A gorgeous October evening in the Oakland Hills welcomed 50 guests to enjoy cocktails, dessert and the magnificent Brad Cole.  These are the days, and nights, that we count our blessings for what we do – bringing music into the home, and sharing it with your friends and family – it’s the best kind of celebration.

The night started out with cocktails and dessert in the backyard – you do not have to have a huge yard to do this – we can work with almost any space.  Here, adding bistro lights around the perimeter of the yard, lots of warm candlelight, and Andrea’s glowing yellow and lime green creations, created a gorgeous setting.  Cocktails were classic in nature, and a wide array of desserts and charcuterie was a delightful treat for the late evening party.

And then there was the show – Brad Cole, along with Steve Postell, brought us a lively, soulful, and musically gorgeous show that we will never forget.  Brad’s voice, smooth delivery, and memorable songs charmed the entire audience, and left them asking for more long after the night was supposed to be over.  Thank you to all of the musicians that we work with, and continue to meet, for coming to our homes and gracing us with your music.  It’s so good.