It’s time to plan your Milestone Birthday Party!  Whether, it’s 50, 40, 30 or 60, these are great birthdays to celebrate with a memorable gathering.  Here are a few of our favorite themes for you to think about…we can help you celebrate in style!

iStock_000010889612XSmallBlack Tie Gala:  Go All Out.  Rent a great venue, invite your friends to wear black tie, and treat them to champagne, a great band or DJ, and some other surprises that we’ll help you with (photo booth, spray on tattoos, digital caricaturist anyone?).  From the perfect invitation, to stunning lighting and floral accents, we’ll help you design an unforgettable celebration.  There is something about dressing up for this party and enjoying great food and fine beverages – everyone will feel special, and no one will forget this night.


Studio 54 – Disco Party:  Everyone loves this theme.  Fun costumes, great wigs, yummy appetizers (homemade chex mix, deviled eggs, waffle chips with onion dip!), and don’t forget the music!  You’ll dance the whole night long…


Private concert in your home:  Yes, these parties are what started it all for us here at Rosecrest Special Events.  And yes, we think these are the best parties, ever.  Invite 50 friends for your 50th – cocktail hour, dinner party, and then an amazing band or singer-songwriter duo gives a concert-venue worthy performance IN YOUR HOUSE!  Check out our current listing of the type of performers we have hosted or provided for clients in the past (House Concerts tab) – this is my pick for best Milestone Birthday Party – it brings your closest friends and family members together and you all get to enjoy the gift of live music in your home.

Cocktail Party:  This party keeps thing elegant and fun, but still pretty simple.  Have your guests arrive at 8:00 p.m., and serve savory and sweet appetizers.  Choose a favorite cocktail to be served along with beer and wine.  You could even add in a jazz trio with vocals, or have a great playlist going all night long.  Just remember, it’s not a party unless the music is on when the guests arrive, and put it on just a little LOUD…trust me!

Dinner in Your Backyard:  This is another way to wow your friends and family, and still keep the celebration intimate and at home.  We help design the best dining situation for your home and yard; this might include bringing in a tent and heaters during the winter months or bistro lights as a canopy in the summer months.  Favorite themes include a crab feed, family style Italian, or a food truck bonanza.

The most important thing to remember is that your friends and family will absolutely love celebrating with you in any number of ways.  Happy Birthday!