The Alternate Routes - an American rock band - perfection

The Alternate Routes – an American rock band – perfection

Wow!  Wow!!  Wow!!!

We presented The Alternate Routes at an Oakland house concert this past weekend…an Italian themed supper club followed by two roof raising sets by the lead duo.  Comments heard throughout the night:  “Amazing.” “Blew my mind.”  “Oh…my…God!!!!”  “Best concert ever.”  “Speechless.”  “The talent…the music…they are incredible.”  And that was just after the first set.

Words really can’t fully describe the feel of 55 guests gathering for Italian wine and appetizers, and then sitting down to a festive dinner in a very intimate club setting.  We transform living rooms, and we create a concert venue in your own home.  What is better than that?  We also connect with artists who are incredible.  Please check out The Alternate Routes – they will be a name you will be hearing more and more about (their gorgeous song, “Nothing More,” was featured by NBC on the Olympic’s Opening Ceremony wrap up).

Hopefully these pictures can give you an idea of the types of events we create – this one will go down as one of the BEST, ever.  Grazie!