Peruvian Cocktail Called Pisco SourWe had a great time helping a San Francisco law firm plan their holiday party last week.  No stuffy hotel dining room for these folks!  We wanted these hard working lawyers to get out of the office, have a chance to mingle, and enjoy some great food and drinks.

The Place:  Hands on Gourmet in San Francisco.  Wonderful chefs, beautiful kitchen, they do all the clean up. Need I say more?

The Plan:  Learn to mix a cocktail the proper way, and then create a Peruvian themed late lunch.

The Menu:


Red snapper, lime, aji amarillo pepper
and fried sweet potatoes

Chicken Empenadas

Grilled chicken, rocoto peppers,
olives and chopped egg

Corn Souffle
Sweet corn, cream and eggs

Ensalada Limeña
Avocado, pickled green beans
Butter lettuce, heart of palm, olives and boiled eggs

Beef a la Plancha, Papas a la Huancaína
Grilled flank steak, rocoto pepper, roast potatoes, aji amarillo pepper
and queso fresco cheese sauce


Dark Chocolate Mousse with Alfajores Cookies  
72% dark chocolate, cream and caramel filled butter cookies

After learning to make a traditional Pisco Sour Cocktail with an expert mixologist, the teams split up into groups, and with their own chef, prepared the appetizers, main dishes, and dessert.  A great time to visit, laugh, and enjoy an amazing meal.  Happy Holidays!