A summertime party for a group of tweens can be quick, easy, and really fun!  Here are all of the ingredients you’ll need:

Water guns!  Have a fun water fight (throw some water balloons in, too) – have plenty of different sized guns in a large bucket, tell everyone where they can fill up, and where the battle will be held.  Then watch out!

Pizza dough!  Everyone got to make their own personal pizza after they dried off.  Trader Joe’s has really good dough – split one package into two personal pizzas.  Then we put out lots of different toppings (pepperoni, previously cooked bbq chicken,  thinly sliced mushrooms, black olives, red onion, chopped artichoke hearts) – remember, sauce on first, but no more than one ladle, toppings, then cheese last.   We put it directly on the barbecue for easy grilling and even better clean up!

Beach towels!  To keep the fun, easy breezy summer theme continuing that night, we set an outdoor table with a long white tablecloth, and then put fresh beach towels across the top – not only are the colors perfect for summer, but the towels are soft and make a an outdoor dinner table really comfortable.  Melamine plates and fun plastic glasses made for a fresh looking summer table that did not break the birthday budget one bit.

Enjoy those last days of summer!