We recently helped plan a birthday dinner party for a lovely family who already had a wedding on their plate in the same weekend!  The motto:  simple and easy!

There was not a lot of time to plan formal flower arrangements and decorations, so we opted for bringing in elegant gold Chiavari dining chairs, and then added gold balloons to each chair.  The gold  table runners and candles added the last bit of bright color to the rest of the simple table.  Airy ferns in the center added a nice bit of lushness.

While we don’t usually decorate our dinner parties with balloons, by keeping them in the gold theme with the chairs, we avoided the decor looking like a kids’ party – but the adults and children alike could appreciate the festive nature of the decorations.  Everyone, young or not so young, deserves a balloon on their birthday!  And when you’re short on time and trying to keep the budget on the lower side, balloons can actually be your friend.