I hope you are all enjoying the summer and embracing the beautiful weather we’ve had … well, of course, except for today – the fog is back!

I hosted a luau pool party yesterday, and while it was mostly tween-oriented, we did have an adult cocktail that was a big hit!  As in all party planning, doing as much as you can ahead of time is THE key to success.  That’s why this recipe is so great:  you make most of it the night before, and because it makes so much, no need to get up while you’re lounging by the pool!

Tiffany’s Poolside Mojitos

  • 15 limes (or 2 cups)- juiced very well
  • 50 fresh mint leaves
  • 1 1/4 cups sugar
  • 2 1/2 cups white rum
  • 8 cups chilled club soda

Place lime juice, mint, and sugar in large pitcher (I used a really cute turquoise and green plastic drink dispenser from Target so no worries about glass breakage at the pool – capacity – 12 cups).  Use a muddle stick or the end of a wooden spoon to crush mint leaves and dissolve sugar into the juice.  Let sit over night.

Right before the party, add the rum, club soda, and fresh lime slices.  Stir gently.   Keep it cold in the ice chest until your guests arrive.  Serves 10.  Pour it over a cup of ice – delicious!