Valentine’s Day isn’t just about that special one person you’re hoping to get roses from this year.  It’s also about those friends who are there for you through thick and thin, and what better day to express your “love” for them than Valentine’s Day?  So I am planning a Valentine’s Day Tea Party this year to reconnect with friends after the very busy, but fun, holiday season.

Here are some tips to create your own special day with those you love.Valentine's Day Centerpiece  Picture this centerpiece atop a crisp white tablecloth (thanks for the idea!).   I just saw some perfect vases at Safeway in their floral department this week that are affordable and you’ll definitely reuse them.  You’ll need two vases, one that’s clear and big enough to hold the smaller vase.  Fill the smaller one with water and a bunch of light and dark pink carnations, tulips or roses, and place inside the larger vase. Fill up the space between the vases with red pistachios, red hots, red jelly beans, or whatever you love.  I used Brachs’ cinnamon jelly hearts, which smell good, too.

Add tea sandwiches:  shrimp salad, cucumber, and a yummy hummus on raisin bread; a leafy salad with Green Goddess dressing; and a tiered stand filled with scones, mini red velvet cupcakes, and chocolate truffles or brownies.  Some champagne to start, followed with a choice of herbal or black tea.  Make sure your play list is jazzy and upbeat – and turn it up loud enough so that your guests can actually hear the music.  Trust me.

Let me know if I can help you plan your next get together.  Cheers!