Is it time to plan a Milestone Birthday Party? Is 40 or 50 creeping around the corner?

The ways to plan this party are really endless.  Do you want to celebrate with everyone you know, or keep it intimate with a very tight group?  Whatever you decide, don’t let this eventful day just go by – it’s a big deal!

Gold Party: If you decide to go big, there are some wonderful venues all over the Bay Area where you can host a great party.  The 50th birthday is actually the “golden milestone,” and since gold is a great décor and gift theme, let’s start with this.

If the birthday honoree is an elegant type, try a more formal setting, and accent white with gold (I’m thinking textured white linens, gold chargers, red and yellow roses); ask people to dress with gold in mind, and have a DJ or dance band playing gold record hit recordings. Other ways to incorporate gold: Gold medal-winning wines or recipes from award-winning chefs (or catered by the same).  Go really adult – martinis (in gold stemmed glassware), steak, luscious chocolate dessert.  Lots of dancing.  We only live once!

Retro:  As I’ve talked about before, you can’t go wrong with a Mad Men party.   This is a great theme for the 40th birthday:  heavy appetizers, lots of gin and tonics, and great outfits (including updo’s for all of the ladies).

House Concert:  What better way to celebrate than bringing a singer-songwriter or band into your home?  Hire a bartender to pour the birthday person’s favorite cocktail; have a casual but substantial buffet dinner; and then sit down and enjoy someone singing to you in your very own living room.  Enjoy the rousing “Happy Birthday” song!

Intimate:  As much as I love a big party, imagine a chef in your home for the evening.  Your dining room decorated and set like you’ve never seen it before.  10, 15, or 20 of your closest friends and family.  Soft music in the background.   Champagne all around.  A three or four course dinner seamlessly executed and served.  That sounds like a great birthday party to me!